8 Ways To Punish Your Sub And Teach Them To Behave

8 Ways To Punish Your Sub And Teach Them To Behave

You have a very naughty sub who has failed to do as they are told. How do you punish your sub and remind them who is in charge? How do you teach them a lesson and make sure they won’t misbehave again? Here are 8 things you can do to get order back into your BDSM relationship.


1. Spanking – A bad sub should be spanked. You are in charge so it is up to you what you use to spank your sub, whether it’s a hand, a Paddle or something else. Tell them how many spanks you are going to administer and make them count out loud as you go. If they don’t, start again from one. These spanks should be harder than ones you would do for the subs pleasure.

2. Spank Themselves – You can also have the sub spank their own bottom until it is glowing red. This will be difficult and humiliating for the sub.

3. Oral – How dare they have forgotten to address you in the way they have been told?! Have them drop to their knees and perform oral on you until you feel they have learnt their lesson.

4. Hair Pulling – To punish your sub pull their hair so they are looking at you. Then have them tell you exactly what it is they did wrong and promise not to do it again.

5. Timeout – Tie them up, with a Blindfold or Ball Gag too if you like and leave them to think about their actions. Only come back when you feel they have had sufficient time to consider what they have done.

6. Bondage Candles – They were very bad and orgasmed without your permission. Drip bondage candle wax over whichever part of their body you choose. These ones are perfect to punish your sub with.

7. Orgasm Denial – If your sub has done something extremely bad you can deny them of their orgasm for this session.

8. Nipple Clamps – Nipple Clamps can be placed on your submissive for up to 10 minutes. If you don’t have clamps you can bite or pinch their nipples instead.

Please remember to have a safe word in place before dealing out any punishments.

Punish your sub handcuffs wrist restraints


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