Peeing In Public – It’s Something Of A Fetish

Peeing In Public – It’s Something Of A Fetish

Peeing In Public – The Fetish

Peeing in public for some is close to a worst nightmare. But to others, it’s something of a fetish. And of course this is by Aurora Glory, so we’re going to be discussing the latter. As with most fetishes, the more I looked into it, the more appealing and arousing the idea became. Whilst I’ve only taken cheeky wees behind bushes on camping trips and long walks thus far, perhaps I should try something a little more thrilling next time?

Is It A Fetish?

As you know, most fetishes are quite broad. People enjoy them in many different ways. So whilst peeing in public is not classed as a fetish all in itself. It’s most definitely a means of enjoying urophilia. A fetish involving sexual excitement derived from urine. ‘Uro’ meaning urine and ‘philia’ meaning love. Less formerly it may be described as watersports or piss play.

How To Enjoy It

There are multiple ways of enjoying this and how it’s enjoyed depends on each individual person. It may be you peeing in public or it may be seeing someone else do so. You may enjoy it being done in unexpected places or on unexpected things. Some like to wet their clothes in public places whilst some like to pee in front of an audience. The row of squatting females at a festival comes to mind here. Whilst, of course, most just genuinely need to take a leak, I wonder how many were getting a little wet in other ways as well?

“I dropped my pants and let a long fountain out of my hard cock. It was very exciting to know I was being watched”

peeing in public frog toilet


Why Do People Like it?

There are multiple parts of the act of peeing in public that may be the main reason behind this fetish. It could be the feeling of a full bladder or the knowledge of knowing someone else’s bladder is full. The desperation and urgency involved in holding it in until bursting point. Or maybe it’s the act of defiance, urinating in a location you know you shouldn’t. For some it’s a means of exhibitionism, being caught in such a private act. Shocking the people around them.

“I want to pee off of a roof with a group of people”

How To Tell Your Partner

This depends on your relationship and your methods of communication regarding sex. Some people are incredibly open discussing new kinks whilst some couples are more reserved. My partner and I have regular chats about what our current turn on’s are and what new things we would like to try. However, if we didn’t I imagine I’d be planning a long walk in the middle of nowhere with a few bottles of water. Eventually, they are going to have to relieve themselves. Introducing the perfect opportunity to slip in an ‘I find that really hot’. Ideally, they will then respond by being flattered and curious. I always find it’s best to reveal your kink slowly. Suggesting you take it a little further together each time. You’re less likely to scare them off this way and they may find they end up enjoying it too!

“Her urine glistened gold in the sunshine. It was beautiful”

peeing in public water bottles


Peeing In Public – The Hot Way

So your partner has told you they would love to see you peeing in public. What now? How to make sure they enjoy it as much as possible? Firstly and most obviously, ask them what it is they like about it most. Show them these suggestions and see which ones get them a little hot under the collar.

  • Show your desperation. Hold your genitals to try to stop the flow. Squirm on the spot. Let yourself completely reach the point of bursting, your face red and sweating as you struggle with the urgency.
  • If you’re going to be urinating in your clothing consider wearing a light coloured fabric so the urine is visible to the public.
  • Choose a location you’re comfortable with. If they want it to be public make sure you find a compromise you’re happy with. It doesn’t have to be in the middle of a supermarket. And you’d probably get arrested if it was. Behind a bench on a public footpath? In between the beach huts on the seafront? On the roof of a building with heavy footfall below?  Between cars in a car park? Or even in your own back garden. You might not choose their favourite spot but they’re going to enjoy it all the same!
  • Show the satisfaction you feel as you release. Make sure the bliss and relief are visible on your face. Moan a little. Letting go at last is so pleasurable, let them see that.
  • Let your partner choose when you can relieve yourself and where. Put them in charge of your bladder.
“It’s such a masculine thing. To be bold enough to urinate in public.”

If you have any more suggestions or thoughts on peeing in public please let me know in the comments below! You can check out more fetish posts by Aurora Glory here!

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  1. This post has made me think about myself and I realise that maybe I have a bit of a thing for having an pee in public, in the woods, behind a bush, there is just something about it that I enjoy


    1. Author

      Writing it made me realise I am the same. It’s not a fetish but I definitely get more enjoyment than just bladder relief lol x

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