Nipple Stimulation – The Ultimate Guide

Nipple Stimulation – The Ultimate Guide

I recently had a short relationship with an inexperienced younger man. One of the things that really stood out to me was his inattention to my breasts. I personally feel nipple stimulation is an unskippable part of good foreplay. This got me wondering just how many people are missing out on this key erogenous zone. So here I am, spreading the word on nipple fun! For the pleasure of both men and women alike.

The key part to this is to experiment with your partner. Some people will enjoy a gentle touch whilst others, like myself, take pleasure in a little pain. Start slow and soft and work your way up. There are so many techniques that can be adopted that I can’t possibly cover them all. I will, for now, supply you with the basics and as your confidence grows you can let your imagination do the rest.

Nipple Stimulation Techniques.

Blowing – Blowing a soft breeze onto the nipples is probably the gentlest way to wake them up. Do this after making them wet with your tongue for added sensation. Once they have been aroused, something as simple as your warm breath on them can feel surprisingly pleasurable.

Finger fun – Move your finger in small circles over each nipple. You can start off very gently, teasing your partner, and then slowly increase the pressure. Pinch the nipples and give them a gentle tug. Don’t be afraid of hurting your partner through pinching, you would have to pinch extremely hard to cause anything but pleasure.

nipple stimulation tongue piercing lickTongue time – A simple lick can be more than enough, however, there are things you can do to mix it up a bit. Flick the nipple with the end of your tongue or circle the areola (coloured area surrounding the nipple) to tease your partner. Unfortunately, you only have one mouth, so make sure you give each nipple attention. With practice, you can stimulate one with your fingers at the same time as stimulating the other with your tongue.

Lips – I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about kissing the nipples. A simple peck can really up the anticipation. You can also lock your lips around your partner’s nipple and give it a few gentle sucks. This will bring the blood to the surface and increase the nipples sensitivity. Be careful not to use this technique too much though as it can become uncomfortable and make the nipple too sensitive.

Teeth – Most people’s nipples can take a gentle bite without any pain being caused. So I do recommend giving it a try and watching to see how your partner responds. For me, a harder bite is probably my favourite way to have my nipples stimulated. However, I wouldn’t try this unless you know your partner is completely comfortable telling you if it’s painful. It’s not for everyone and we only want to bring pleasure to our partners.

Nipple Stimulation Products.

Once you have mastered the basics and discovered the pleasure that can be enjoyed through nipple stimulation, you may want to try experimenting even more. There are items on the market and things you probably already have at home that can be used. Here’s a few for you to try.

Ice Cubes – You can try rubbing ice cubes over the breasts and on the nipples. Make sure not to leave it in the same place for too long though! Then use your tongue to warm the area back up. Another way to use ice cubes is to suck on them before using your mouth to stimulate your partner’s nipples.

Nipple Suckers – You can pick a set of nipple suckers up from most sex toy retailers. These are the ones I use. Either lick them or use lube around the rim and whilst squeezing the bulb, attach them to your nipples. Yes, they look slightly ridiculous. But, they increase blood flow which then increases sensitivity and pleasure.

nipple stimulation fifty shades clampsNipple Clamps – You can also find these at most sex toy retailers. They pinch, or ‘clamp’, the nipple. These are more aimed at those that enjoy a touch of pain. Adjustable clamps are best as you can alter those to suit your personal preference. I like ones which have something to weigh them down, this gives a slight tugging sensation. My personal favourites are the Fifty Shades of Grey adjustable nipple clamps. It’s best not to wear these for too long a period of time due to circulation being decreased.

Clothes pegs – If you are on a budget and don’t already have nipple clamps, you can try clothes pegs as a substitute.

nipple stimulation aurora glory

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  1. I agree that stimulation of the nipples, in both sexes, should play a role in foreplay at least, in some shape or form in the majority of sexual situations with your partner. Other things that can be added to the list is to run your hair, if it is long enough, over the breasts/chest and nipples – as as guy with long hair many (but not all) women really like the sensation of hair flowing over their bodies. There is also the nipple to nipple stimulation, which can work both ways, so the guy can rub ger nipples with his and vice versa – having a nipple piercing can come into its own here, and maybe nipple piercing can be added to your list, although its neither a technique nor a product! Don’t neglect the nipples…

    1. Ooo these are some great ideas! I love the idea of running your hair over the nipples, I must try that! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Aurora x

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