May Favourites – Sand, Satin & Sexual Anxiety

May Favourites – Sand, Satin & Sexual Anxiety

If I’m being honest, of all the posts I write, my monthly favourites are the least read. Yet here I am again, at the start of the month, reflecting on my sexual antics from the previous month. Why? Because I love doing it. Because it gives me an idea of how I can improve my blog. And because sometimes it’s important to sit back and reflect on the positives in life.

I went into May hoping to write fewer product reviews and more chatty/advice posts. And it fills me with joy to look back and see that I succeeded. I, unfortunately, saw a decline in my Instagram photo submissions though and so that is what I want to go into June focusing on. Instagram has been my favourite social media platform since I first joined and I want to keep enjoying it as much as possible.

So once again, here are my monthly favourites

Sex Toy

I’ve been fortunate enough to have tested a few really good sex toys this month. The Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate 2 and the Icicles No 7 are just a couple that come to mind. I admit it was hard to pick out a single favourite for May, but the Gvibe Mini really did blow me away as an internal toy. It provides sensations so different and so intense I couldn’t imagine my sex toy collection without it now.


Sex Writer/Educator

As a sex blogger, I spend half my time on my site and half my time on other peoples. Whether that’s other blogs, podcasts, social media or Youtube. There is always something new to learn about sex. There is always a new perspective on things that can broaden my mind and increase understanding. So when it comes to this part there is usually at least a dozen who deserve a mention. But I choose one. And for May my one is the Kinkcraft podcast. I’ve listened to almost half the episodes over the last month. Kinkcraft has a fantastic online store, but besides that, they are just two lovely people. Who are both relaxing and entertaining to listen to. They’ve certainly brightened up my mundane household chores through their podcast.


Sexual activity has been few and far between throughout May. Maybe we got all our sex in over April. Anyway, I don’t tend to dress up in lingerie for sex with myself. Though perhaps I should? The only lingerie I’ve worn this month is my Lovehoney Satin and Lace Babydolls. In this gorgeous hot weather, they make the perfect cool nightwear. Besides how good they look, they feel incredibly sexy to the touch.

Instagram Photo

Whilst this photo was originally taken for Sinful Sunday, it did also make its way onto Instagram. What I love most about this photo are the thoughts and feelings its caption provokes in me. Hiding Behind My Reflection. As a person with self-identity issues due to mental health, the meaning really resonates with me.

Kinky Something

I bought some bondage tape at least two years ago. And aside from makeshift handcuffs which I don’t need, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it. But part of my blogging journey has been the realization that I can use toys and kink gear however I want to. There are no rules in the bedroom beside the limits of myself and my partner. So getting out this bondage tape and getting creative was a real sexual highlight for me this month. I even got it out for my last Sinful Sunday post too.

Sinful Sunday Bound To Be Free

Blog Post

I write personal blog posts fairly often. And they stay unedited in my computer documents. Sometimes just writing them is enough for me to process my feelings on things and I decide it’s a part of me I’m not ready to share. But this month I did something brave. I wrote the personal blog post and then I actually went ahead and posted it. I opened up about something that makes me feel broken despite fears of it discrediting me as a sex blogger. I wrote about my struggle with sexual anxiety. The really great result was my friend showing it to a psychologist friend of hers who then discussed it with me. He made me feel like I’m not broken and actually gave me hope for my sexual future.

And the not so sexy things I’ve been loving this month? 


I’ve already sung the praises of the Kinkcraft podcast, but that’s far from the only one I’ve been enjoying. I listen to podcasts on a number of my interests and I’m totally hooked. I can learn and get things done at the same. Podcasts are genius and I can’t believe I waited until 2017 to try them out.


I am seriously lucky because I live a 15-minute walk away from the most beautiful beach. The beach was the reason I moved where I did. So as soon as the sun shines I get my butt down there and make the most of it. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing towards the end of May. Sand, sea and ice creams. It’s my favourite time of year!


What have you been loving throughout May? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

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