Lovehoney Desire Remote Control Knicker Vibe

Review: Lovehoney Desire Remote Control Knicker Vibe

Review: Lovehoney Desire Remote Control Knicker Vibe

Who doesn’t love to get a bit cheeky with their partner in public? A guaranteed turn on is the excitement and fear of ‘getting caught’. It’s no surprise wireless remote control toys are so popular. The problem is finding one that’s quiet enough to use in a public place. The thought of getting caught is exciting but lets face it, most of us don’t actually want to be!
A few months ago Lovehoney gave me the opportunity to review the Lovehoney Desire remote control knicker vibe for their site. I’d heard amazing things about the Desire range and was hopeful this would be a discreet and powerful toy.


The Packaging

In usual Lovehoney fashion the packaging is nice but not extravagant. This is a bonus. The cost luxury packaging can add to a toys price is never worth it. Inside the packaging comes a storage case, usb charger, lace knickers, the vibe and the controller.


The Design

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I’m a fan of purple. So needless to say, I love the matte purple colouring of this toy. The back of the remote also has a black chrome, plastic cover for the battery compartment. The silicone remote’s engraved with the Lovehoney logo and is ergonomically designed. The saddle-shaped vibrator has a protruding nub that ensures clitoral contact. In use it’s very comfortable, even when walking with it in the knickers. Although the side designed to press against the body is silicone the other side is plastic. Both the remote and the vibrator are extremely light.


The Knickers

The knickers are made of a black floral lace. The seams are well done and the quality is very good. The wide ribbon ties are a dusky mauve colour. The length of the ribbon means they would fit most people and as a size 16 they fit me perfectly. As with all ribbon tie undies though they can look odd under your clothing. Inside the knickers is a long soft pocket that secures the vibrator in place during use. I did find similar pockets on other undies I own though so the knickers are not a necessity. They are hand wash only.


Charging Your Vibe

The first time you charge your Lovehoney Desire remote control knicker vibe you need to pierce a hole through the silicone sealed charging port. It only takes a few hours to reach full charge. Once fully charged the light will change from a flashing light to a solid one. The storage case has a hole to poke the charging lead through, this means you can discreetly charge the vibrator. 

The Vibrations

I was very happy with the strength of the vibrator but it’s not enough to get me off whilst wearing the knickers. I can, however, orgasm when using the vibrator on its own, pressed against my clitoris. During solo use or during sex I have a preference for the steady vibrations. When used with my partner in it’s intended way, I prefer the patterns. I find all the patterns to be enjoyable which is rare for me. The vibrations are definitely more on the buzzy side then rumbling.

The Noise

Originally I fantasized about taking this along on a dinner date. And then I heard the vibrations. Although boasted to be whisper quiet, they are not. I actually have quieter toys that aren’t even intended for public use. I have taken this vibrator along to the cinema with success. It’s a matter of finding noisy places that will drown out the sound of the vibrator.

Conclusion – Lovehoney Desire Remote Control Knicker Vibe

I do like this knickers vibe. The higher price does come with higher quality. Certain things do effect it’s practicality though. Like it’s indiscreet noise level and the fact you have to be in the same room as the controller for it to work. I would have had more use for it had it been quieter. But for special occasions it’s a real hit for myself and for my partner. He got as excited over it as I did and always gets very button happy. He takes me on quite the journey with the constantly changing settings! As a toy for foreplay, it more than gets the job done for both of us.
You can purchase the Lovehoney Desire remote control knicker vibe from Lovehoney for £74.99
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  1. Hey! I bought this but the vibrator is working and the remote control doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong??

    1. Author

      I would try contacting Lovehoney through their LiveChat. Even if you purchased the toy elsewhere, they should be happy to help as it’s their own brand. Their customer service is always fantastic, in my experience. I hope you are able to get it sorted as it can be so much fun!
      Aurora x

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