20 Things I Love About Being Single

20 Things I Love About Being Single

I may have only been single a few months, but there isn’t one day that I haven’t loved! Okay maybe the first day or two whilst I sobbed out the heartache but ya no, we won’t count that. Now though, I can honestly say not even Russell Howard (Yep, he’s my celeb crush) could steer me away from the joys of singledom.

Here’s my list of reasons why I love being single…

1. Starfish!! Because I have a double bed and every inch is just for me!

2. I finally have full control of the tv remote. So if I want to watch Americas Next Top Model back to back… You can be damn sure I’m gonna.

3. Frrreeedddooommm! So if my friends ask if I want to go out Saturday. Hmm let me just check with… No one! Because. I. Am. Single!

4. Solo sex is pretty darn great. Okay, so maybe it’s not the same as sex sex but it gets the job done quicker and with the right vibrator, it’s like zero effort.

5. Sexy lingerie in the winter basically just means me freezing my tits off. In other words, it’s unsexy onesies and slippers for me and ain’t no one gonna judge.

6. The last rolo? Yep, that’s mine.

7. Also, my legs have started to resemble a Yeti. But am I gonna shave them? Nope!

8. When I’m bored, I Tinder with the rest of the single crowd.

9. Because I’m not buying for a man, I can buy myself Christmas presents… And this year, I’ve decided this single gal has been extra good.

10. Men’s smelly socks? They’re no longer my problem. I only do my own laundry now.

11. I  have all the time I want for my hobbies. For example, blogging!

12. Not only do I notice sexy men, I appreciate their manly beauty too.

13. No one is farting in my bed. Except for me, and obviously mine smell like roses and rainbows…

14. Maybe I’ll meet Mr Right tomorrow, who knows? I could also meet Mr Wrong and have a lot of fun with him too.

15. I don’t have to explain every time I have a new male friend on social media.

16. Furthermore, I can sing as loudly as I like to my crappy music.

17. No In-Laws.

18. No longer is birth control required. So my hormones are au natural.

19. My toilet seat finally doesn’t get peed on. Also, the seat is always down. Total blessing. 

20. I can be happy exactly as I am because right now I’m exactly who I want to be!

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