Latex Lingerie Care

Latex Lingerie Care

I really love latex lingerie. It’s just the epitome of kinky sex to me. But this very tight fabric can be a bit of a nightmare if you’re new to it.

Here are a few tips to make sure your experience with latex lingerie is nothing but enjoyable.

Start Small – You may love the idea of a full body catsuit, so do I! But start smaller with some latex gloves or pants. Get used to putting the fabric on and how it feels. Work your way up to the really good stuff.

Size Guide – Know your measurements and buy a latex garment about 2″ smaller. That will ensure it is tight but comfortable.

Don’t damage – Be wary of jewellery or long nails damaging the fabric.

Lube up – It really can be a full body workout getting into latex. So use some silicone-based lubricant on the garment and on your body to ensure it slips on as easily as possible. There are also latex dressing aids on the market that will do the same thing.

Dress slow – Take your time putting your latex garment on. Tugging on it too hard is likely to damage it. Make sure you have the time to put it on carefully and enjoy the experience.

Latex Shine – You can use a silicone based lubricant or a proper latex shiner to ensure your item is glowing. Do this once the garment is on and use your hands (or your partners) to rub the product over the latex.

Removal – When taking your latex lingerie off it’s important to do so carefully to ensure no damage is done to the garment.

Washing – Use warm water and a mild soap or baby shampoo to wash your garments. Make sure all the soap is rinsed off and then air dry it out of direct sunlight.

Storage – As long as they are stored in a dry and dark environment the items should be fine for the next use. Do not use metal hangers though as metal discolours latex.

latex lingerie care

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  1. Brilliant post. Can anyone recommend where I can buy maternity lingerie?

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