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January Favourites – Collars, Instagram & Dita Von Teese

January Favourites – Collars, Instagram & Dita Von Teese

Seriously guys, where the hell did January go? Like I blinked and it went from December to February. Despite it being so short, it’s been a decent month! I didn’t get the time to blog as much as I would have liked, but I have focused on the things I enjoy writing about most. I’ve been the queen of organized since I had a health blip mid month. I realized it was a good idea to be prepared should that happen again. The best thing that happened in January though? I won a ticket to Eroticon!! I’m crazy excited and so unbelievably grateful! The news couldn’t have come at a better time for me since I’d had some pretty crappy news the previous day. So thank you Eroticon and thank you to all of your sponsors!!

Here’s a list of all the sexy things I’ve been loving most over January

Sex Toy

The toy I’ve been loving most this month is the tokidoki x Lovehoney Serpentia vibrator. The vibes are crazy considering it’s battery powered! I use it internally on a pattern vibration setting. Combined with my We Vibe Tango, and I’m not kidding.. It Is Mind Blowing!

tokidoki serpentia vibrator january

Sex Blog

This month I really noticed just how amazing the DangerousLilly blog is. She does hardcore research to find out all the unsexy things about sex toys we really need to know. No stone is left unturned with her around. Her reviews are brutally honest and she’s not afraid to call people out on their shit. Her blogs been around since 2008 so there’s no doubt she knows what she is doing and you can see her confidence in her writing. It means a lot to have a sex blog you can 100% trust and she is that blogger.


I seriously love basically everything that can be described as ‘fetish wear’. Black, tight, revealing.. yum! When I spotted this wet look body on Lovehoney I couldn’t help but buy it! I wasn’t sure how it would look since my boobs couldn’t be less like the models. (Is this Hannah from Love Island?) Granted she looks a whole lot hotter in it but it does look good on me too. I felt confident and sexy and my man was definitely a fan!

cottelli wet look body january

Sexy Quote

I haven’t calmed down on my sex quote pinning just yet. My absolute favourite quote I found this month was by Dita Von Teese. It’s so true, I buy lingerie even when I’m single because it’s for me!

dita-von-teese quote january

Sexy Something

One of my favourite kinky items to use is my Bettie Page collar and leash. Unfortunately it was discontinued a while back along with the rest of the collection. It’s come out the bondage drawer a fair few times this month though and really adds a sexy spin to doggy style!

bettie page collar and lead january

Blog Post

There were a few posts that stood out this month as being really enjoyable to write. However, I’ve found that as I get further into my blogging journey I am really enjoying writing posts about fetishes. My favourite this month was my post on Hair Fetishes, including how to give a hair job. You will definitely be seeing more posts like this coming soon since they are just so interesting to research and write.

So what about the unsexy things I’ve been loving in January? 


I am hooked. I thought Twitter was my favourite social media platform but as a lover of photography, Instagram has taken centre stage. It’s fun looking at the pics from other sex bloggers and I also love watching the make up video clips. Not only that but I have so much fun taking pictures and deciding what to snap and post next!


I didn’t get to spend, spend, spend like I wanted to but I still snapped up some serious bargains in the Lovehoney sale! Here’s a pic of what I grabbed in the sale. Did anyone else get anything good in the January sales?

lovehoney haul january

And that’s my favourites for another month. What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!

You can also check out my favourites from December and November if you missed them!

aurora glory logo january

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  1. Great read. My favourite in January weren’t a toy but were the new pair of LHM boxers. (Wet look and mesh) I enjoyed the look they give and there are extremely comfortable to wear.

    1. Author

      Ooo I love wet look, I will have to check them out! I’ve purchased from the LHM range before and was really happy with the boxers 🙂

  2. They really are impressive they look great and are so comfortable to wear. I’m also liking the look of the wet lock and lace pair.

    1. Author

      I should definitely have a look. I made the mistake of buying my other half some Peppa Pig boxers for christmas from our son and they really don’t have the same effect haha!

  3. Im sure there cute can see why peppa pig boxers don’t have the same effect as LHM.

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