Exhibitionists – Safely Flashing In Public

Exhibitionists – Safely Flashing In Public

We’ve all had that friend that doesn’t need an excuse to pull a mooney. One moment you’re all having a social drink and the next there’s a bum glaring back at you. Okay, so I admit since surpassing my mid-twenties this has become less frequent. Some of those guys (and girls too!) are exhibitionists.. and some, well they just have a bad sense of humour.

exhibitionists streakerAnd what about those infamous streakers? The ones that run naked across a sporting grounds mid game? They’re exhibitionists, right? Well actually, it’s more about the shock value than the exhibitionism for them. And it’s pretty shocking, so they get points for that. That being said, part of exhibitionism is the thrill of the shock. Although there is controversy surrounding it, I personally believe them to be exhibitionists.

“I like to get my wife to flash her breasts at people driving past.”


So nudist beaches, they’re for exhibitionists surely? Actually, they’re for nudists. However, they are a great place for exhibitionists too. Especially since I’m sure I’m not the only rambler that’s accidentally found myself on a nudist beach. So if shocks your aim, you’re likely to get it here.

If your jam is more sex in public than naked in public, this is the post for you.

Unfortunately for exhibitionists, UK laws are strictly against them. Although public nudity is not illegal, using public nudity to shock or offend is. So clearly it’s a bit of a grey area. But legally speaking, I would advise exhibitionists to act with respect for the public to avoid prosecution.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, “a balance needs to be struck between the naturist’s right to freedom of expression and the right of the wider public to be protected from harassment, alarm and distress”

So we’ve covered nudist beaches, but how else can an exhibitionist have a good time? Roleplay is a great way. It’s used by so many to fulfil fantasies we otherwise wouldn’t be able to act on, so why not exhibitionists? Catch your partner unawares with your naked body. If you are somewhere appropriate, you can do this in public too which will really up the excitement factor.

“I liked the attention, liked that I could sort of control them, liked that they were looking at me.”

images-20Something to consider is that you don’t actually have to be naked to ‘exhibit’ your goods. Ever seen a cycler with tight shorts clinging to his bulge and not known quite where to look? Or who remembers Charlie Dimmock and her famous nipples on Groundforce? There’s also the builders that flash a little bum accidentally. Or even the women that choose to wear a flowing skirt on a windy day. Then there’s the time my bikini top fell off in the public swimming pool. Now I’m not saying all these people are exhibitionists (I was not intending to flash my tits that day), just that you can pick up a trick or two from them.

Another idea, and this is one I’ve dabbled in myself (who remembers ChatRoulette?), is internet exhibitionism. Now, I’m not telling you to start dishing out the dick pics, because honestly, I can’t support that. But there are appropriate forums and cam sites you can use to share pics or live video feeds. Something great about this is that you get to connect with other exhibitionists as well!


What about artwork? Have an artist draw or paint you in an erotic nude pose. Display your art in your home. You may not be nude yourself when people see it, but you will still get to experience their shock.


If you liked this post then check out my post on where to have sex in public.

So, has anyone already tried any of these things? If not, what’s the first thing you’re going to try? I’m tempted to take my partner along to our local nudist beach!

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