Eroticon 2017 – My Virtual Meet & Greet

Eroticon 2017 – My Virtual Meet & Greet

Yay Eroticon is less than 2 weeks away! I am beyond excited! I’m only there for the Saturday so I’m going to try to leave my shyness at the door and make the most of it. I’ve cyberly met some amazing people over my few months of blogging and hope I get the chance to meet some of you in person.
Recently I’ve really enjoyed reading through everyone’s virtual meet and greets and now it’s time to do my own.

NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

The name I use for my blog is Aurora Glory and I am on Twitter at @AuroraGloryBlog. If you’re on Twitter then please say hey, I am still finding others in the sex related writing niche after months of tweeting. Twitters a big old place.

What are you hoping to get out of Eroticon 2017?

The main reason behind my wanting to go is to learn as much as I can. I only started my blog in October ’16 so still have so much learn.
I’m also hoping I will have the courage to talk to some people and get involved. My social anxiety is quite bad so I’m trying not to put any pressure on myself. Fingers crossed I’ll be having a brave day.

This years schedule at Eroticon is pretty full on but which 4 sessions do you already have marked down as ones you want to attend?

It’s so hard because I think I could benefit from them all! I know I will 100% be attending Girl On The Nets session on Pitching.
I’d also like to catch Alix Fox’s session on podcasts but I really love history and it clashes with Kate Listers session so.. Urgh so hard!
I really want to do a Kink Craft Workshop and the Rope Workshop too.

Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know?

I have a shockingly low sex drive given my choice of blog topic.

If you made the papers, what would the headline be?

Woman dies of caffeine overdose.

If you could have one skill for free (I.e. without practice/time/effort) what would it be?

I’d love to be able to do handyman jobs for myself. I’d like to be a Mrs Fix It around the house. And then I wouldn’t currently have a broken dishwasher.

Complete the sentence: I love it when…

People tell me I’ve helped them. Whether that is through my blog or in general life. Life is hard for a lot of people and it feels amazing to know you’ve made it that little bit easier for them!

So that’s me in all my boring glory! You can see everyone else’s meet and greet here! 

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  1. I am so so glad you’re coming! I have seen you tweeting about it for a while so bloody delighted that you can come and join us! I see you mentioned social anxiety, so I just wanted to say that I hope you have a good day and please feel free to give one of the organisers or one of our ambassadors a shout and we should be able to do some introductions if you need. One of the hardest things for me is always the first bit – just going up to someone and saying ‘hi’ is super hard, so hopefully we can help with that bit if you need. x

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! I’m really hoping I can put my fears to one side and make the most of the opportunity to meet everyone. I know others have said the same about feeling anxious so it helps to know I am not alone in it. Also helps that everyone seems to be so bloody lovely lol x

  2. That is such a lovely, I love it when…sentence. One of the most wonderful things about my blog over the years has been hearing from people who say reading my stuff has touched or helped them in some way.


    1. Author

      It really is an amazing feeling to know you’ve made a positive difference to someone! It’s a huge motivator for me, especially in people struggling to accept and be proud of who they are.

  3. I am sure you are going to find your people at Eroticon. So many have that anxious feeling but I promise it will vanish really quick as soon as it starts. You can’t meet a more supportive and welcoming group of people… plus they talk about sex LOL.

    Hopefully we will see you at the workshop, but with so much going on its going to be tough.

    Hope you have a great time

    1. Author

      Everyone does seem so lovely which is very reassuring! At least I won’t be short of things to talk about since we all have one common interest lol!
      I am sure you will see me at one of your workshops, it’s one of the things I am most looking forward to!
      Aurora x

  4. You come across as a truly lovely person, loved your answers x

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