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December Favourites – Books, Board Games & Giant Reindeer

December Favourites – Books, Board Games & Giant Reindeer

So, as it turns out, Christmas and sex blogging don’t overlap too well. As much as I would have liked to maintain my blogging schedule towards the end of December, it just wasn’t going to happen. Unless I gave up sleep, which, just no.

Sexually though, I’ve been feeling good. Good about the lack of it. After trying to have a physical relationship whilst suffering extreme sexual anxiety, the freedom to now know I don’t have to have sex is like being able to breathe again. A massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m excited to recover from it all. I’m excited to know that one day, however long it takes, I will be the highly sexual person I once was. I won’t have to enjoy sex just as a blogger from the safety of my screen, but I’ll be able to hop back on a penis and bounce myself to a screaming orgasm.

So, What Are The Sexy Things I’ve Been Loving Throughout December?

Sex Toy

We Vibe is one of my favourite companies. In fact, I can’t think of another sex toy manufacturer whose products I can buy with the absolute confidence that they will get me off. This month I had the jump up and down exciting opportunity to review the We Vibe Gala for them. Whilst the reviews not live yet, here’s a spoiler… It’s sex toy sorcery.

We Vibe Gala

Sex Writer/Educator

I just had to check to make sure I hadn’t already featured this awesome blog, and I really don’t know how I haven’t! CandySnatch is brilliant. She churns out reviews at a staggering rate as well as having all sorts of other sexy goodness too. Her Sinful Sunday entries are always stunning and her Candy Snatch Chats are thought-provoking, educational and entertaining.


I was super happy to get not one, but two Christmas themed photos out for December! Hurray! My favourite involved a giant stuffed reindeer. How could that not be a favourite? Plus it was chosen in the top five for Sinful Sunday that week.

Sinful Sunday - Santa Strip

Kinky Something

I might be all about the solo sex right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan for the future. I read the amazing book Playing Well with Others by Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams. Whilst I knew a lot of it already through blogs and podcasts, it was thorough and gave me the confidence to look into local social kink scenes. Unfortunately, I found out I’d have to hop on a boat just for a munch. But, that wasn’t the book’s fault.

Playing Well With Others

Blog Post

There were a few posts I really enjoyed writing this month, so choosing one is quite hard. But, for a Wicked Wednesday entry, I wrote erotica based on a much-imagined fantasy. Not only was Neighbours in the Hay arousing for me to write and exciting to get involved in the meme but it was also picked as one of the top three.

And The Not So Sexy Things…

Board Games

For me, the unsexy but just as awesome side of Christmas is all the board games. My ideal sex scene would probably be a board game marathon with sexy forfeits for the loser. Unfortunately, I’ve had to enjoy the games without the sex this December. Strip Scrabble anyone?

Wicked Wednesday

Up until late November, I was certain my blog would never see Erotica. I wasn’t confident that I could do it, I’m still not convinced. But, Wicked Wednesday gave me the perfect excuse to try and now I’m a little hooked. The prompts give me inspiration and it turns out writing erotica is even hotter than reading it.

So, that’s my December. What have you been loving this last month?

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