inful Sunday - Playing Intimate Games

I like all kinds of sex. Quickies, kinky, vanilla, whatever. But truly slowing down and loving each other’s bodies is something we don’t do enough. No penetration, no orgasms. Just an absolute unrushed appreciation of one another. I’m so glad we dug this game out of the cupboard and wereRead More →

Sinful Sunday One Single Drop

I love that moment when the candle drips. The anticipation. Where will the wax land? How long before there’s another? Can I bear any more? It is everything I love about kink, in one single drip.   Check out more Sinful Sunday Photos by clicking the lips below!   ShareRead More →


Woo it’s prompt week! I look forward to prompt week so much as I love seeing how everybody interprets the word differently! My stairs have a rather cheeky view. If you ascend them at just the right moment.. To see what other Sunday sinners have been up to this week,Read More →