Feature photo for Womanizer Premium Smart Clitoral Stimulator review. Hand holding the Womanizer over an image of a rocky pool.

Womanizer Premium Smart Clitoral Stimulator Review Oh, Womanizer. You clever clit-pleasers, you! I don’t know how they do it – Improve on something already so panty-wettingly good. In my opinion, though, they have now reached peak perfection. There is no improving on the Womanizer Premium Smart Clitoral Stimulator, it isRead More →

Feature image. Close up of eye with tear coming out of corner. Red handprint over image

Share Your Pain and It Will Go Away Content warning: Domestic Abuse and Suicide. Two months have passed and I want to believe that this time I’ll have the strength. That I’ll have the tools to destroy the seeds he planted and nurtured, so attentively, for so long. I willRead More →