You’ve got your partner tied up and blindfolded, but what do you do now?! You follow my sensory series on erotic sound, taste, touch and smell of course! There is nothing more exciting and erotic to me than having these four of my senses stimulated. Wearing the blindfold heightens yourRead More →

condom flavours

Inspired by the recent Durex hoax involving eggplant flavoured condoms, I decided to hunt for the strangest condom flavours actually on the market. When it comes to flavoured condoms most of us have tried the standard, strawberry, bubblegum, orange, chocolate etc. But, have any of you tried these crazy condomRead More →


In light of the current ecosexual bathhouse at the Sydney LiveWorks Festival of experimental art, I decided to do a blog post about ecosexuality. Ecosexuality is a romantic and sexual love of nature and the earth. It is a form of environmental eroticism. An ecosexual may buy organic produce, useRead More →


A lot of the time the only senses that get remembered in the bedroom are sight and touch. However taste, smell and sound can all also be used to arouse and stimulate. Choosing the right sexy foods is important to ensure you have a good time. No one wants chilliesRead More →