Bloodplay – The Dangerous Sex Series

Bloodplay – The Dangerous Sex Series

*Trigger Warning* Everyone has something that gets them going. For some that something is actually kinda dangerous. If I said not to do it, I’ve no doubt I’d get ignored. So rather than tell everyone to avoid dangerous sex, I decided to start a dangerous sex series. With an introduction of what the kink is all about and how to enjoy it in the safest way possible. The first in the series is bloodplay.
Despite having chosen the term ‘bloodplay’ it’s also referred to as a blood fetish or hematolagnia. This involves a sexual interest or paraphilia for blood. Although not a fetish I have it’s a desire I can completely understand and a type of edgeplay I have tried.


“It’s such a deep way of sharing ourselves with one another”

The risks involved with bloodplay, include:
  • Transmitting diseases
  • Fatal injury
  • Infection
  • Permanent scarring
  • Nerve damage
So that’s what it is and a few of the risks that come with it. But how can you reduce those risks?
Health Checks
Keep on top of yours and your partners health. Bloodplay with the wrong person can lead to transmission of serious diseases. Make sure your partner is someone you can trust completely and that you are both tested twice yearly. It is wise to only use bloodplay in a monogamous relationship.
Safety Kit
Ensure you have a safety kit with you every time. This kit should include things like plasters, bandages and antiseptic. You should also make sure you have the necessary medical information for if a problem were to arise. Being educated on what to do in an emergency could be the difference between life and death.
Always have your phone close by and sufficiently charged. If you have an accident you will need to contact an ambulance as quickly as possible.
Do not perform any type of bloodplay solo. If there were an emergency you would need a person there to contact emergency services and care for you medically until they arrived.
Play in a clean environment and use sterile equipment. Also disinfect any cuts and equipment after bloodplay. Don’ share equipment with your partner. 
Safe Word
Always have an agreed safe word. A common safe word is ‘red’, meaning stop. You can also use ‘orange’ to indicate when you are getting close to your limit.
Never perform bloodplay under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This would greatly increase the risk of accidental harm.

“She’d cut my tongue before we made out and claw me until I would bleed”

When cutting the skin there are parts of the body where you would be at a reduced risk of harm. It is best to stick to these areas only.
  • Bum
  • Outer upper arms
  • Outer thighs

This diagram demonstrates where the major arteries are. You should absolutely avoid these areas.


bloodplay coupleIt’s also important to make sure you are not on medication or have an illness that may affect your safety during bloodplay. For eg. blood thinners or a blood clotting disease. You should also avoid any bloodplay if it is likely to trigger a psychological response. If you are unsure then make sure you discuss this with your partner before hand.
Depending on what draws you to bloodplay there are some safe alternatives you can try. Fake blood is usually available at any joke shop although should be kept away from sensitive areas like the genitals. You can also make your own with a combination of honey, water and red food colouring. If you are more interested in knife play a safe alternative is to use a credit card. Pressing it into the skin and dragging can give the illusion of cutting without any of the risks.
If there are any other kinks you’d like to see featured in the dangerous sex series, please let me know in the comments. And please..
Stay safe!
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