Feature photo for the Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Review. The chastity devce and a Bette Page spanking paddle are laid on top of a black sheet.

Review: Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Device

Review: Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Device

Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Review

There was a time chastity seemed to me to be something only for the true BDSMsters. It was hardcore. The ultimate in submission. And whilst I still believe that to be true, I mean it takes a thorough submission to relinquish control over your cock for lengthy periods of time, I have also seen it as something that can be enjoyed to a lesser extreme. An ideal addition to the curiously kinky’s collection of pleasurably torturous devices. Like the ever-growing collection of mine. Now complete with the Black HoD600 and subsequently all I need for a totally arousing rush of power.

Image of all of the parts included with the Black HoD600
Black HoD600 Parts


Within a handy black velvet storage pouch is enough bits and bobs to leave a chastity newbie, like me, completely freaked. What the hell do I do with this!? What on earth is that!? It seems the only thing that’s lacking in the numerous contents of the Black HoD600 pouch is an instruction manual to make things a little less headachey.

Inside the pouch is the silicone sleeve, 5 silicone rings in various sizes, 5 spacers in various lengths, 2 locking pins, a metal padlock, 3 keys and 5 numbered plastic locks.

Image of the black velvet drawstring storage pouch with chastity device on top.
Black HoD600 Storage Pouch


The Black HoD600 is made of an opaque black, high-quality silicone. It is soft, flexible and doesn’t attract unhygienic amounts of dust. The cage measures 9cm with a 3.4cm diameter. The 5 silicone rings range in size from a 1.5″ diameter to a 2.25″ diameter. I highly recommend measuring yourself carefully before choosing your chastity device. House of Denial also stocks a HoD600S that some people would find a more comfortable fit.

Along the shaft piece are ventilation holes, these, along with the urethral hole, make prolonged wear both possible and hygienic. The accompanying metal lock is light but has just the right amount of weight to make sure the entrapment and denial won’t be forgotten.

Image of the Black HoD600 Shaft Piece on plain white background.
Black HoD600 Shaft Piece

How To Get It On?

The first time my partner and I attempted to get this on him, it slipped off immediately. Definitely not what we were going for. Unfortunately, it seems inexperience led us to mistakingly choose the largest of the silicone rings with an aim to increase comfort when, in fact, a snug fit is much better.

Image of the 5 Black HoD600 Silicone Rings, demonstrating their various sizes.
Black HoD600 Silicone Rings

Once the correct silicone ring was chosen and held in place, I was able to use the 2 locking pins to attach the 2 silicone semi circles either side of the ring, creating a full hoop around his balls and the base of his cock. We soon learnt here that pubic hair is not a good idea, a shaven bush would have made the process a lot more comfortable and pain-free.

Finally, after this, we were able to lube up his cock and attempt to slip him in before he got too excited. In regards to girth, it was somewhat of a challenge that resulted in a comfortably snug fit. All that was then left to do was choose the correct spacer to suit his length, padlock him in and swallow the keys.

Just kidding…

Image of the 4 Black HoD600 Spacers, demonstrating their various lengths.
Black HoD600 Spacers

Play Time

I can tell you as the key holder, I felt an arousing rush of power at my partner’s encased cock. But, you probably knew that anyway! For him, the experience was the ultimate in sexual submission and I quote, “One of the most exciting things we’ve ever done.” The feeling of denial, it being completely impossible for him to escape without the key, was extremely powerful for us both.

He felt comfortable in his cage, only feeling the slightest weight as a periodic reminder. Of course, the amount of pull he felt depended greatly on whether he was wearing clothes to support him. This did mean in order for him to sleep in the Black HoD600 he had to wear boxer shorts to bed. Despite him being able to sleep in it, our concern for cleanliness in a cage with so few gaps made a one-nighter seem sufficient. Urinating would dirty the tip of the device, so it is somewhat high maintenance due to needing a quick clean and dry after every bathroom break. Fortunately, the holes in the silicone and its flexibility make this process a lot easier than a more rigid design would be.

In our experience, the Black HoD600 is ideal for public wear. It is visibly extremely discreet under clothes, just making his bulge look slightly larger. Most importantly though, due to the silicone, it is completely silent. There is no clanging of metal between lock and cage as there could be with a metal design. He is able to walk around as usual when genitally confined, describing it as feeling just like clothes for his cock.

Image of the Assembled Black HoD600 on a white background.
Assembled Black HoD600


Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the Black HoD600 and its introduction to chastity for us. It seems like the ideal design for a serious beginner, looking for up to a couple of days entrapped. There was absolutely no way for him to escape without my permission to do so and that is exactly what we wanted from a chastity device. Whilst the cage may not provide any pleasure in itself, the psychological experience is like nothing else. The build-up, the anticipation, the excitement of release. This budget-friendly toy may not be the perfect chastity device, but for us, it was the ideal introduction. We plan to continue using it for a long time before considering an upgrade as it really offers everything we need. He can’t get out of it, can’t get an erection in it and, most importantly, he’s comfortable wearing it.

If you would like to try the Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Device, you can purchase one here for £19.99 

Image of the Black HoD600 Lock and Key.
Black HoD600 Lock and Key


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Huge thanks to House of Denial for sending me the Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Device in exchange for an honest review!

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