5 Beginners Anal Positions

5 Beginners Anal Positions

Your first anal experience may be quite daunting and being prepared with some useful tips and tricks will really help ensure you enjoy it. I have also written a list of tips for beginners to anal here.

Here are a few anal positions to experiment with to find the one that works best for you.

Doggy – Doggy was the first of the anal positions I tried… My partner at the time was slightly below average in size and this position worked for us. It helped to have my legs spread as far as possible and for me to hold my bum cheeks apart. Remember you can also be in control in this position if you choose to by backing onto your partner.

Cowgirl – Cowgirl puts you in control which will help you relax. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be for him to insert. You can try this on your knees or in a squatted position.

Missionary – Get into the missionary position but put your legs up over your partner’s shoulders. I love this position for both vaginal and anal sex. My most recent partner was quite well endowed and this position worked best when we chose to do anal.

Spooning – You will feel more intimate and more relaxed in this position. Raising your knees up to your chest will make it easier for your partner to enter. Or you can bend your top leg with your foot placed on your other leg.

The Cross – You need to lay on your back. Your partner straddles one of your legs whilst holding the other over his shoulder.

Remember to invest in some proper lube before trying any of these anal positions!

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