Autoandrophilia and Autogynephilia

Autoandrophilia and Autogynephilia

Discovering that I was an autoandrophilia took time. I knew my desires were different to the ‘standard’ but there really wasn’t much information on it available online. Why did I fantasize about having a male body? Shouldn’t I be fantasizing about having sex with a man, not actually being a man? When I finally found a description of autoandrophilia and realised that others felt the same way as I did it was, if I’m honest, a relief. I know people say you shouldn’t concern yourself with labels but it was still a comforting discovery for me.

An autoandrophilia is a female and an autogynephilia is a male. There is, however, a lot more information currently available on autogynephilia. This is due to some people question the existence of autoandrophilias. As an autoandrophilia though, I can safely say that’s rubbish.

There are four sub-types of autoandrophilia and autogynephilia. These are:

Transvestic – Arousal at the thought or act of wearing the opposite gender clothes.

Behavioural – Arousal at the thought or act of behaving in a way specific to the opposite gender.

Physiologic – Arousal at fantasizing about doing bodily functions specific to the opposite gender.

Anatomic – Arousal at the thought of having the opposite genders body or specific parts of it.

I personally have anatomic autoandrophilia. This means I fantasize about having sex as a man, with a male body. Interestingly, I also switch sexualities. As a woman, I am attracted to men. When I fantasize about being a man, I am fantasizing about being physical with a woman.

The terms were originally created by Ray Blanchard who used them to describe a type of transsexualism. I have to say, however, that I do not agree with his transsexualism typology. In splitting the words you have auto- self andro- male or gyne- female and philia- love.

Both autoandrophilia and autogynephilia differ from transsexuals as the desire is strictly sexual. In most aspects of life, they are content with their birth gender.

I find this is an extremely frustrating sexuality. This is because it is anatomically impossible for me to ever fulfil my sexual desires. So it seems, unfortunately, my options are currently limited to Strap-ons and Packing dildos.

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