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April Favourites – Wax, Straps & Rainbows

April Favourites – Wax, Straps & Rainbows

So April came, and April went. And here I am mulling over my monthly highlights again. I love writing these posts so much. They give me a chance to reflect on my month and consider the things I want to work harder on in the following month. April has definitely been a month of reviewing for me. And although I deem myself very lucky to have had those opportunities, it has affected the time I have for writing other posts I love. Things like sex advice and fetish posts. I am quickly learning that as a blogger, time is your worst enemy. There is never, ever enough to achieve all that you want.

So, what sexy things have I been loving most this April?

Sex Toy

If you have kept up to date with my reviews there will be no surprise when I say the Womanizer W500. Its orgasmic effectiveness has blown me away. For years the We Vibe Tango was my go-to clitoral stimulator. But now, for masturbation, it has been dethroned. The Womanizer W500 takes me from nought to holy crap I’m going to cum in like 60 seconds.

Womanizer W500 Dream

Sex Writer/Educator

I originally named this section of my favourites ‘sex blog’. But for the last few months, I’ve deviated with things like Sinful Sunday and a Youtuber. With this months favourite being a podcast called Proudtobekinky. The duo is incredibly entertaining, whilst being educated on many kink related topics. They are completely open-minded and non-judgemental and I love how they reflect on their own experiences. I usually listen in whilst washing up, and the menial task is made a whole lot more enjoyable!


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, strappy lingerie makes me hot. Not in a ‘look how damn fine I look’ kind of way, but more of an ‘I need to pounce on someone right now’ kinda hot. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that the strappy Bad Kitty nipple clamp bra was the highlight of my lingerie drawer this month.

Bad Kitty Nipple Clamp Bra

Instagram Photo

I adore Instagram. And I love getting creative and imaginative for my Instagram photos. A few days ago I posted this photo with the caption ‘Who else likes to taste the rainbow?’ I loved the photo and I got to munch on a bag full of Skittles. So yeah, that was an April highlight.

Godemiche Pastel Ambit Blue Lagoon

Kinky Something

I wasn’t sure bondage candles were my thing. They seemed to have a bit too much sting for me. I like slight pain, but I’m rarely in the mood for anything too intense. However, I ordered a few Kinkcraft candles since they were cheap. And was pleasantly surprised to find the melting point so low that the pain is extremely minor. For someone who enjoys the appearance of wax play as much as the experience, these were a huge winner! The colour comes out really well and I absolutely will have to buy them all.


Blog Post

As I said in my intro, April really has been a month of reviews. So much so that aside from Sinful Sunday I only got one other type of blog post in! My post on Embarrassing sex. I did love this post but it seems pointless saying it was my favourite when it was the only one in the running. Note to self, more non-review posts in May!

So, what about the not so sexy things I’ve been loving?

Bates Motel

Maybe this tv show is partly to blame for my lack of blog posts this month. I have managed to cram 2 series into a little over a week. It’s incredibly predictable but every episode is exciting and criminal psychology is as interesting to me as sex. And I’m a sex blogger so…


Okay so the drawing I actually did was of my partner’s penis, so I can’t say it’s completely unsex related. But drawing is a hobby I haven’t indulged in for over a year. Until I was inspired by some artwork on Sinful Sunday and got my pencils back out. It’s incredibly relaxing which I’ve been in need of just lately. I hope to find the time to draw again soon. Perhaps when Bates Motel has finished?

Penis drawing

I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving over April! Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I enjoy reading your monthly round up. April for me would have to be uploaded photos to sinful Sunday.

    1. Author

      Yes I had that as a favourite in one of my previous months! Still love it so much, it’s a wonderful community and so much fun 🙂
      Aurora x

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