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Hey all! I am a self-confessed borderline kinkster who is submissive in all aspects of life. I started this blog to fulfill my two passions, writing and sex. I may not know it all but I’m on a mission to spice up the sex lives of as many people as I can! I’m quite possibly a bit of a pervert. I love writing about sex, talking about it, learning about it and just, well,  doing it. What I do not like is dick pics. If I didn’t ask to see your penis, please do not show me your penis.



Who Is Aurora Glory?

I am a 27-year-old mother of two from England. Sometimes I prefer food porn to actual porn. I originally started this blog to distract me after a difficult break up and guess what? It worked! I am extremely passionate about ridding the world of sexual taboos. If it’s legal and consensual, you’ve got my support! I love erotic art and erotic photography and I have a lingerie obsession. If it’s lace, latex or raspberry pink I either own it or want it.

I believe the key to a great sex life is communication and confidence! My Blog is all about supporting you in gaining that confidence in the bedroom.. Or the stairs.. Or the beach.. Or you know, wherever you decide to take your clothes off and get jiggy.


My Blog Is For You If

  • You want to improve your sexual relationship because the fireworks have died out.
  • You want to add intimacy to your relationship.
  • You want to learn about BDSM relationships and fetishes in a place of non-judgement.
  • You want advice on the best adult products and stores.
  • You want to discover new and exciting things to do in the bedroom.

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Want To Work With Me?

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