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G Vibe 2

G Vibe 2 Review

How innovative is the design of this toy? Not only is the style gorgeous but the mind is over run with ways to use it and satisfy those sexual urges. Penis? Vagina? Couple? The G Vibe 2 has got your vibratory (I’ve decided that’s a word now) needs covered. In fact when it arrived I had no idea which way I wanted to use it first!


The G Vibe 2 arrives packaged so beautifully that I just can’t get rid of its box. I have no use for an indiscreet cardboard tube but it’s too pretty to throw out! With a stunning floral design on its sturdy cylindrical box it even boasts a cute rope handle. Inside the gorgeous box is the G Vibe 2, charger, storage pouch and instructions.

G Vibe 2 Packaging
G Vibe 2 Packaging



One glance at this toy and it’s clear it’s luxuriously designed. The body safe silicone is so soft and smooth to the touch. It’s one of the least draggy silicone toys I’ve experienced and it’s handy storage pouch ensures dust is kept at bay. Depending on how you choose to use the G Vibe 2 it can be girthy or slim. Yet another thing that makes it so versatile! It also has a pleasurable 6 inches of insertable length to play with.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a sex toy advertisement that didn’t say ‘ergonomically designed’. And half of those toys are actually uncomfortable to grip in use. It’s wonderful to find a sex toy that genuinely does have an ergonomic design. The loop at the base not only makes it comfortable to hold but it also makes it possible to fabricate some form of harness.

The G Vibe 2 has not one, not two, but three powerful motors! Two in the tips and one in its shaft. Even despite it’s trio of motors it meets my discretion needs with a slight audible hum on full power.

G Vibe 2 Looped Handle
G Vibe 2 Looped Handle

Charge & Controls

This is a rechargeable sex toy. The usb charger connects effortlessly to the G Vibe 2 via its magnetic ports. Within a few hours it goes from lifeless to fully charged and ready to play.

There are three button controls. A control for the vibration mode and plus and minus buttons to control the intensity. The buttons are slightly raised which makes them easy to find when the G Vibe 2 is inserted. Meaning I can scroll through the 6 vibration modes and increase the vibration as the mood takes me.

G Vibe 2 Controls
G Vibe 2 Controls


Play Time

The G Vibe 2 can be used in so many different ways! And they have a great little leaflet packaged with the toy to give you some ideas. Although not all the methods of use tickled my sexual fancy there were a few I couldn’t wait to try.

Simultaneous Vaginal & Clitoral Stimulation

Although it definitely got me off using this method the design of the toy seems slightly wrong. Isn’t the stimulation vagina owners crave in the g-spot? But the internal prong is shaped so that it is my back vaginal wall that is being stimulated. For me there isn’t really enough girth to a single prong to feel much of anything internally anyway. Although I doubt that would be the case for everyone.
The rumbling vibrations felt amazing against my clitoris. As with many dual stimulation toys I did struggle to hit the right spot but I could still appreciate the broader stimulation offered. And it was pin pointed enough for me to achieve orgasm, something I can’t do with broader stimulation from the likes of a wand vibrator.

G Vibe 2 Design
G Vibe 2 Design


Girthy Vaginal Stimulation

I’m one of the unfortunate people who can not orgasm through internal stimulation alone. Because of this I knew I would need a clitoral stimulator to give me a little push in the right direction. It turned out though that the girth of the two prongs together meant I needed clitoral stimulation to prepare me for insertion as well. Once the G Vibe 2 is inserted though the fun really began. For me it didn’t blow my mind through thrusting but through a rolling motion. This sensational motion can cause me hand pain with other vibrators. But the looped handle made this comfortable and achievable for me. It’s unique design gives you the ability to achieve stimulation unlike that of any other toy. With other vibrators I have to choose between stimulating my front or back vaginal walls. With the G Vibe 2 I can stimulate both simultaneously. This is my favourite way to use it and the one I know I won’t be able to resist going back to again and again.

Pinched Clitoris

I thought this way of using the G Vibe 2 would really do it for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the placing quite right. The vibrations are also slightly duller where the 2 prongs meet. It seemed it just wasn’t a match for my power-hungry clitoris.

G Vibe 2 Prongs
G Vibe 2 Prongs


Penis Play

I’m yet to find a sex toy my partner actually enjoys getting out for himself. Unfortunately the G Vibe 2 didn’t break that pattern. However, given his inability to appreciate vibrators he’s not the best person to base a sex toys ability on. For that reason I will leave the penile reviews to other sex bloggers.


After my first couple of plays I felt this toy was a jack of all trades, master of none sort of deal. Then I discovered the joys of using both prongs internally and my opinion changed. It seems to me that this multi purpose sex toy is going to rock everyone’s world, just in different ways depending on their anatomy and needs. If you’re not sure what stimulation you’re looking for then the G Vibe 2 is the answer. Who wouldn’t love a sex toy with rumbly and discreet vibrations in a trio of motors?

G Vibe 2 Rechargeable
G Vibe 2 Rechargeable


Huge thanks to FT LONDON LLP for sending me the G Vibe 2 in exchange for an honest review!

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