Javida Heating Vibe Review – The Warming Rabbit

Javida Heating Vibe

When you have more sex toys than you do, well, pretty much anything else, it’s rare for a toy to feature something you are yet to try. A rabbit with the promise to warm up my internal regions was that toy. The Javida Heating Vibe takes the temperature play abilities of glass dildos and adds convenience, silicone and clitoral stimulation. Excited much?


If you’ve read my other reviews you will know that half the time I skip the packaging and get stuck into the good stuff. But, the box for this rabbit is quite nice and so deserved a little mention. It’s made of sturdy card and has a magnetic ‘door’ that opens to reveal the rabbit, nestled in a clear plastic casing.

Javida Heating Vibe Packaging
Javida Heating Vibe Packaging



As with all the toys I review and use this is completely body safe. The dark pink silicone is soft and smooth with a PU coating. The only other material used externally is the white abs plastic of the handle.

The Javida Heating Vibe is petite, with only a 4.5″ insertable length and just over 4″ circumference. Opening it up to use by those new to toys and sex toy collectors like myself. Both the base of the shaft and the clitoral arm feature a few bumps. Imagine the imprints your fingers would make in holding. I’m not sure they add much functionality to the toy as the grooves are horizontal and my fingers are vertical when using the rabbit. Perhaps if my vagina didn’t have the effects of two vaginal births I may be able to appreciate the added stimulation.

The tip of the shaft features a g-spot stimulating tip which in my experience with the toy is very well-shaped. And of course the tip has the added bonus of the heating function. More on that later. One of the factors that make this rabbit more likely to work with most anatomies is its flexibility. Not only does this give it the ability to work for more people it also makes thrusting possible. Without losing the stimulation to the clitoris.

Javida Heating Vibe
Javida Heating Vibe


Controls & Charge

To charge the Javida Heating Vibe you must first pierce the silicone. On the base of the rabbit at the reverse there is a small sun design. The middle of which hides the charging hole. For the initial charge I left my vibe overnight. During charging the buttons flash blue.

This rabbit features 3 button controls. On/off, an increase button and a decrease. The option to increase and decrease the vibration settings is not unappreciated. So many vibrators, even luxury branded, need scrolling through fully if you accidentally go over your desired setting. With 2 separate motors, one in the shaft and one in the clitoral arm, you get more control over what works for you. There are 4 steady vibes and 6 patterns to choose from. I find playing with the patterns during warm up prolongs the pleasure, ready for a steady vibe finale.

Javida Heating Vibe Controls
Javida Heating Vibe Controls


Heating Function

I’m yet to experiment with any warm temperature play so was eager to see how this function would work for me. I was quite surprised at how mild the heating increase is in the shaft. It heats to what I would describe as skin temperature. Although this makes for a more comfortable play it wasn’t a whole experience in itself. And wasn’t enough to evoke any real reaction out of me through insertion. If you are someone who finds the coolness of a toy a negative part of masturbation then this rabbit would definitely be a good solution to your discomfort.

Javida Heating Vibe Warming Tip
Javida Heating Vibe Warming Tip


Play Time

My clitoris is a bit of a diva. Mild vibrations don’t do it for me. Fortunately, although I have a preference for rumbles, buzzy vibes still get the job done. I say fortunately because there isn’t a rumble in sight with this rabbit. Fear not though because it definitely has a powerful buzz. Especially when used on its highest setting, which. of course, I did.

The petite design didn’t give me as full of a feeling as I would like. That is likely due to my recent discovery of the joys of girth. However, it makes for comfortable thrusting which adds extra oomph to that g-spot stimulating tip. The flexibility of the clitoral arm means I can thrust without losing stimulation to the clit. I particularly found the internal sensations wowing when using the rabbit in a doggy style position.

For numerous reasons people need toys that offer discretion, myself included. Thankfully this is a very quiet vibrator. Even on its highest setting I’m comfortable in a closed-door being enough to muffle the sound.

Javida Heating Vibe Charging
Javida Heating Vibe Charging


Javida Heating Vibe Conclusion

I can reach orgasm with this vibe every time. And I rarely manage that with a budget friendly vibrator. The combination of shape and power is just what my body needs to be wowed. I admit the heating function did not bring the stimulating joys I had been expecting but it’s not without its benefits. If you don’t need rumbles or girth then this a good rabbit vibrator with the promise of many an orgasm.

If you’d like to try the Javida heating vibe then you can purchase one here for €59.95

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Huge thanks to Orion for sending me the Javida Heating Vibe in exchange for an honest review.

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