Satisfyer Pro 2 Review – A New Sensation

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

Aw the Satisfyer Pro 2. The product of my sex toy dreams for so so long. The brand I enviously saw adorn the pages of so many sex bloggers sites. That is until a lovely lady at Satisfyer reached out to me to review some of their products. And I had my sex toy prayers answered. At least for now, I’m pretty good at finding new wants. And when I say want, I obviously mean need.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Design

There is something about the shape of the Satisfyer pro 2 that makes me think ‘telephone’. So it’s needless to say that I don’t find the design of this toy very ‘sexy’. I do however, adore the shining rose gold body and find it very comfortable to hold. It’s completely bodysafe as it’s made of ABS plastic. The only other material your genitals will come into contact with is the safe silicone of the nozzle.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Packaging Contents
Satisfyer Pro 2 Packaging & Contents


Unlike it’s predecessor, the Satisfyer 2, the Pro 2 has the benefit of being rechargeable. I also find the chunkier style of nozzle more comfortable than that on other models. Although the nozzle is silicone it does feel quite hard, so is more comfortable when used with a light touch. The nozzle is removable to ensure you can clean the toy thoroughly.

Another great feature of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is the fact that it is waterproof. Not only does this make it easy to clean it also means it usable in the bath or shower. I used mine a couple of times in the bath and found an increase in stimulation achieved when underwater. Since this is a loud toy, the option to use it in the bath where sound can be muffled is beneficial to anyone who needs to consider discretion. Although the noise of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is greatly decreased when the nozzles covered or is in use, when held away from the body it is shockingly loud. As someone who does need to consider discretion, I’m not able to reach for it as much as I’d like.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Charger
Satisfyer Pro 2 Charger


Controls and Charge

The Satisfyer pro 2 has 2 buttons and 1 light. The light is a steady white when the toy is on and a flashing red when the toy is charging. Once charged it will stay lit as opposed to flashing. There is one button to turn the Satisfyer pro 2 on and off and a button to control the settings. To turn it on you press the on/off button. To turn it off you need to hold it down. There is no memory function so every time the toy’s turned on it will start at the lowest setting. Given the intensity of some of the higher settings I find this a blessing. There are 11 intensities to choose from. You keep pressing the oval button until you reach your desired setting. I would have had a preference for 2 buttons, offering an increase and a decrease option.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Controls
Satisfyer Pro 2 Controls


There are 2 magnets at the base of the Satisfyer Pro 2 which connect to the usb charger. The magnets are very strong and firmly stay in place. My toy arrived charged which is always a treat. I got to have a go straight away! The instruction manual indicates a 2.5hr charge will give 30 mins of play. For me I have found the charge to last a lot longer. Upwards of 2 hours in fact. Though possibly due to my preference to use the lower settings.


I learnt very quickly that I couldn’t use the Satisfyer Pro 2 in the same way I would use a clitoral vibrator. So the first use resulted in a numb clitoris, a borderline painful experience and a disappointed Aurora. Jacking the intensity up past your comfort level isn’t going to result in faster orgasms in the way it might with a vibrator. The process of reaching orgasm is completely different with this type of stimulation. At least it was for me.

Considering I’m a goal oriented power queen I wasn’t convinced this toy was going to work for me. For others an hour spent in pre-orgasmic bliss may be, well, bliss. For me it’s time I don’t have to spend on masturbation. I say pre-orgasmic bliss because the feeling this toy creates is rather sensational. I could feel the blood rush to my clitoris. I could feel the swollen arousal of my vulva in a way a vibrator has never achieved. The stimulation almost feels more organic than that achieved with vibrations. It teases me. Leaving me on the very edge of orgasm and intensely craving a shuddering release. The feeling is different, it’s frustrating and it’s amazing!

By my third play session I had found incorporating some finger play was enough to tip me over the edge into orgasm. And what an orgasm I can achieve! Thankfully now only minutes into play with the addition of finger stimulation. The orgasms take over my mind and body in waves. Waves that last almost as long as the build up itself. And all from only the second intensity setting!

Satisfyer Pro 2 Nozzle
Satisfyer Pro 2 Nozzle


Sex and Penises

I very rarely have penis in vagina sex without the aid of clitoral stimulation. Once I’d mastered orgasming with the Satisfyer Pro 2 I was eager to incorporate it into intercourse. Unfortunately, the bulky design of this toy makes it almost impossible to use in any of my favourite positions. Even in more suitable positions like ‘the cowgirl’ I found it too large and it really just got in the way. So I guess this is going to have to be a toy for masturbation only.

Since the Satisfyer Pro 2 gives the illusion of a sucking sensation, my partner was eager to see how it would feel on the head of his penis. It was interesting to find he explained very similar sensations to that which I felt. An intense build up, leaving him frustratingly on the brink of orgasm. Though unlike with me, the design makes it too difficult to incorporate any helping hands. He described it as being pleasurable, though not mind-blowing.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Removable Nozzle
Satisfyer Pro 2 Removable Nozzle


If you would like to get a Satisfyer Pro 2 yourself and try a sensation unlike any other, you can buy one here for £69.99


Satisfyer Pro 2


Huge thanks to Satisfyer for sending me the Satisfyer Pro 2 in exchange for an honest review!

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