Foot Fetish & How To Give The Perfect Foot Job

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Having a foot fetish is actually quite common, especially for men. It’s just like the way many people feel about boobs and bums, but people with a foot fetish feel that way about feet. Just because someone has a foot fetish does not mean they are attracted to all feet. They usually have a particular ‘type’ that arouses them most. Whether its painted toe nails, high arches, big feet or something else.

“I equally love and hate summer. All these girl’s in flip flops is incredibly distracting.”

How to explore a foot fetish?

There are lots of ways you can enjoy feet in a sexual way. The most obvious would be with a ‘foot job’. (Keep reading for tips on giving a great foot job.) Other ways would be kissing, massaging, licking, sucking, tickling and smelling your partners feet.

Certain sex positions make the feet easily accessible during sex which is great for someone who wants to enjoy their partners feet at the same time as doing the deed. Like this twist on the missionary position:

Foot Fetish Sex Position
There is also reverse cowgirl, which is the girl on top facing away from the man. Or the launch pad which is like the missionary position but the girl has her feet on the mans chest.

“I just want to drink out of her favourite shoes.”

Socks and shoes can definitely be involved in a person’s foot fetish, though they aren’t in everyone’s. It can be like sexy lingerie for the feet. It’s totally possible to do a strip tease with a sock if you have the right audience.

“Tight strappy heels are like bondage for the feet. The feet are bound and buckled for you to admire in public.”


How to give an amazing footjob.

1. Trim and file those toenails. Also ensure your feet are clean, even if he has a preference for dirty. We don’t want any infections occurring.

2. Tease him. Run your toes down his body. Run them up his thighs. Gently tickle his balls.

3. Lube up. This will reduce any uncomfortable friction as well as making your feet soft and smooth.

4. Use the sole of your foot to press his penis against his body. Then gently stroke up and down, stimulating the underside of his shaft. You could also offer him your other foot to enjoy whilst you’re doing this.

5. If you can separate your toes far enough than you can put his penis between them. Then work your way up and down his shaft.

6. Clamp his penis between the soles of your feet and masturbate him in the same way you would with your hands. Up and down in a steady rhythm.

7. If your feet get tired just go back to steps 2, 4 or 5.

8. Have fun! Even if you don’t have a foot fetish yourself, it’s exciting to try new things. Besides, who doesn’t love sexually pleasing their man?

“Feet are one of the most curvaceous parts of a woman’s body. The heel, the arch, the toes.”

Do you have a foot fetish? Or have dated someone with a foot fetish? What tips would you give people on making the most of it?



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