8 Very Weird Condom Flavours You Can Buy

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Inspired by the recent Durex hoax involving eggplant flavoured condoms, I decided to hunt for the strangest condom flavours actually on the market. When it comes to flavoured condoms most of us have tried the standard, strawberry, bubblegum, orange, chocolate etc.

But, have any of you tried these crazy condom flavours?

1. Cannabis flavoured condoms are available in Amsterdam. The ‘Cannadoms’ not only taste like cannabis but smell like it too. ‘Your love is my drug.’

2. Bacon condoms. There are actually condoms that taste like bacon. Anyone tempted to give their partner breakfast in bed?

3. Garlic condoms. For when your willy smells so bad only garlic can cover up the stench? Honestly, I can’t think of any other reason why someone would buy these condoms.

4. Skyn have a trio of alcohol flavoured condoms. They come in Pina Colada, Cherry Surprise and Passion Daiquiri flavour.. Yum! They are totally alcohol free so you can suck away without the risk of a hangover. I’m sold! Skyn Cocktail Non Latex Condoms

5. Coffee flavoured condoms are an actual thing. I can kind of see the appeal to be honest.

6. Pasante sell fizzy cola flavoured condoms. Making me curious of how the ‘fizzy’ comes into it. Pasante Fizzy Cola condoms

7. Mccondom sell a whiskey flavoured condom. Women, please beware of men that invite you in for a ‘Scotch’.

8. Glyde sell a licorice flavoured condom. When I’m pretty sure I don’t know a single person that actually likes licorice.

So if you could create your very own condom flavours, what would they be? I think I would create a Pepsimax flavoured condom or a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup flavour! Yum!

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