Spanking Tools – A Beginners Guide


Spanking is the perfect way to introduce a dom/sub relationship. I am a sub and as such, love to have a good spanking. I find pleasure in the slight sting and love the rewards that follow. There are a few different types of spanking tools you can purchase.

This is a quick guide so you can find the right spanking tools for you and your partner.

spanking tools slut paddlePaddle – Paddles usually have a wide flat surface. They give a better distributed spank than other tools. The sensation is a thud, similar to that caused by a hand but usually more intense.

Crop – The crop is my favourite of the spanking tools. The long thin handle makes a delicious whipping sound as it rains down on your bum cheeks. The small leather tip causes a sweet sting and leaves a beautiful red mark in its wake.

spanking tools mini floggerFlogger – A flogger has several straps coming off of its handle. You can choose between a mini flogger or a full sized flogger. A beginner should start with the mini which will offer gentler blows. Usually thicker straps mean less pain than floggers with thinner straps.

Whip – A whip is a wonderful statement piece for a dominant to hold. I would recommend starting on a crop before moving onto a whip though as the sensation is more intense and they can be difficult to control without practice.

Cane – This is an old school, wooden spanking implement. The cane is for more advanced spankers as the pain can be sharp and intense. They can also leave quite severe marks depending on the power the dominant puts behind their swing.


Just a quick reminder to have a safe word prepared before trying out any spanking. This is an absolute must to ensure you both only enjoy the experience.

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